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Why is My KuCoin Deposit Not Showing in My Wallet?

There are several reasons why your KuCoin deposit might not show up in your wallet. If your deposit address does not match the address on your wallet, it’s possible that your account may be banned or you may lose your assets. To prevent this from happening, check your deposit address carefully before making a deposit ebooksweb.

When using a crypto-exchanges like KuCoin like KuCoin, you should set up the two-factor authentication process. This process will verify that you are the real person behind the account and prevent unauthorized transactions. This step should take about 10 to 20 minutes. The deposit should show in your account once you confirm it kr481.

If your deposit is not showing, check your wallet every two to three hours. Occasionally, the system will take longer than normal to record the transaction. If your deposit is ERC20 tokens, make sure to use the correct wallet address. If you accidentally entered an old address, your deposit will take at least 12 hours to show up. It’s also possible that KuCoin is performing some maintenance, which will delay your transaction wapwonlive.

KuCoin doesn’t charge any fees for deposits, but there is a fee for withdrawals. Depending on the type of token being sent, the fee will vary. It’s also important to double check your withdrawal details, as even a minor mistake can cause your money to disappear for good realestateglobe.

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