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Four Vital SEO Trends to Know for 2023

In a digital age where technology rules supreme, ensuring you maintain a strong and highly relevant online presence has never been more crucial in ensuring the long-term success of your business. The ways in which consumers shop and interact with businesses are continually evolving, and only those businesses that can adapt and meet the dynamic needs of their customers will thrive in a digitised landscape. The process of Search Engine Optimisation has never been more crucial in tackling this challenge, and a reputable SEO Sydney service provider can offer valuable assistance to a range of businesses. A high-quality SEO Agency Sydney will ensure they are well-versed in the trends influencing SEO today, and the following list will help you too in understanding the trends that are influencing the work of SEO providers in ensuring businesses achieve their unique goals. 

  • Voice Searches 

The tumultuous COVID period that changed the world saw us develop an unprecedented reliance upon technology, and hence convenience that automated services provide us. Despite these troubling times seeming a distant memory, our yearning for convenience has remained with us. This has led to a rise in the number of Google searches through voice-controlled search engines, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Siri. 

Importantly, the lexicon we use to speak is different from the language we use to type, and this has implications for the keywords that trend within searches. This shift to a conversational tone may result in a typed search of “plumbers Sydney” being altered to “which plumbers are good in Sydney?” when conducted through voice search technology. 

This significant shift in the way consumers lodge their searches online means that to direct customers to your products and services, the keywords utilised by your chosen SEO Agency Sydney must be optimised to meet common conversational searches. An experienced SEO Company Sydney will ensure only the most appropriate keywords are targeted in their content, tailoring your SEO strategy to capture the influx of spoken keywords that regularly populate search engines in our technologically-reliant world.

  • The Growing Importance of Featured Snippets

Whether you’ve noticed them or not, the importance of featured snippets has not been missed by expert SEO specialists. These small excerpts of text and accompanying graphics that appear at the top of search results are geared towards answering the most common queries that are lodged through search engines. Appearing in an area commonly referred to as “Position 0”, these answers are accompanied by a picture, graph, or table, and as a result, they often take over half the screen of a mobile device.

These answers to commonly asked informative queries appear above the organically produced ranking of alternative articles, resulting in significantly higher traffic and typically an astounding Click Through Rate. To provide your business with significantly improved visibility and exposure, contact anexpert SEO services Sydney team, who will provide high-quality content that aligns with the informational needs frequently desired by your potential customers. 

  • Video SEO

While we all use online search engines for mundane tasks that don’t set our imaginations alight, it’s no secret that we all much prefer to consume engaging content that holds our attention. Video is undoubtedly a more engaging form of content than written text, and our talented SEO Company Sydney team recognises this, with informative and engaging videos forming an integral part of our long-term SEO strategies. With over a billion YouTube users, it’s vital that your business maintains a presence on heavily used digital platforms to ensure a high level of awareness and engagement is maintained. 

Affording your business the chance to capture your customer’s attention and show how your business can meet their personal requirements, the creation of this compelling visual marketing tool is vital for all SEO Sydney campaigns. With CISCO predicting the consumption of video to overtake all other forms of content, it’s crucial your long-term SEO strategy incorporates a high-quality video that provides customers with real insight into what makes your business unique.

  • The Power of EAT 

Ensuring your customers have a positive experience when engaging with your business online has never been more important, and this is reflected in the growing reverence of the EAT principle, a large component of Google’s online guidelines. This advice was compiled to ensure that high-quality and relevant content is produced for the benefit of consumers. The content produced by SEO Agencies Sydney must hold a degree of expertise, maintain a sense of authority through accurate and informative content, and be perceived as trustworthy by providing honest and transparent information. 

Whether in-store or online, providing customers with a positive and high-quality experience has always been paramount to the success of all businesses, and this is reflected in Google’s preference to reward companies adhering to its EAT principle. Should you produce trustworthy and authoritative content that recognises sources of statistics, assists customers in navigating toward their preferences, and provides expert advice on the topic of interest, you can expect to be rewarded buxic with an improved organic search engine rating. 


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