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Eight Critical Ways of Boosting Your Marketing Email’s Deliverability

Working tirelessly to increase your emails’ deliverability can be demoralizing if all you get is low returns. Getting low returns is every marketer’s greatest fear. It is essential to single out what you are not doing properly in your email campaigns and understand the issues that affect the deliverability of the emails to deal with your greatest marketing fear.

A good email sender reputation from your ISP is critical to increasing your clients’ chances of reading your emails. A low reputation score will reduce the chances of clients reading your emails because of email filtering or deletion by the recipient’s email service provider, who would consider the emails spam.

Internet service providers progressively come up with new ways to deal with spam. As a result, it gets difficult for marketers to successfully send messages to a specific market while maintaining the senders’ reputation. Balancing the maintenance of the senders’ reputation and successfully sending marketing emails is important for future development.

Eight Proven Ways You May Use to Increase Your Emails’ Success

Email List Accuracy

Inaccuracy on your email list is one of the easiest ways of identifying an email as spam. Ensuring your email list is typed correctly is essential to avoid this problem. Therefore, the first thing you need to ensure its accuracy is your email list. Otherwise, your email would be identified as spam.

Periodic updates on your business-to-business (B2B) data will go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of the data. So, incase of new information on your email list, from direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, companies, to job titles, each should be updated constantly as they change.

Most important, marking a lead as inactive would help to manage the email list progressively. Managing the email list involves noting when a specific lead has not opened your emails within a particular period. Such a period could be from six months. That is if a lead has hardly open your email within six months, the lead might be safely considered as inactive.

It would help to mark a lead inactive and file the details in a separate CS management system. An email validation service would allow you to keep your B2B email list accurate. As a result, the rate of deliverability will increase, thus decreasing your bounce-back rate.

CAN-SPAM Act guidelines

In case of unsubscribe requests from your clients; be sure to follow the ten-business-day CAN-SPAM Act mandate. For this reason, the ‘do not email’ list would be helpful to ensure unsubscribed clients are not receiving your communication any more. Therefore, the deliverability of your emails increases.

Monitor Indicators Affecting Your Email Reputation

Close monitoring of your email reputation is essential to maintain a good online image. There are things you should pay attention to avoid the banning of your email marketing drive. They include:

  • Measuring the number of complaints or reports of abuse

The percentage of people reading your messages and those flagging them as spam determine the complaint rate. Your clients may flag your messages as spam because of different reasons such as extended times between emails or inappropriate emails.

  • Significantly low rates of success in retries. There are high chances that “hard bounced” replies get ignored. The primary reason for email delivery failure is incorrect addresses. This failure may result in the major hits from high bounce rates.

Use a spam trap or honeypot

Security systems such as spam traps or honeypot may be used to record and track emails spammers’ activities. In a firm, a former employee’s email address may be used as a honeypot. In that case, the email address ought to stop receiving correspondence within a few months. The security system shall employ a spam filter to every email sent to the specific address in the future.

Allow quick and painless pull out

While you may have hidden the unsubscribe option from the email subscribers to reduce number of pull outs, your emails would be viewed as spam because of the difficulty in opting out. Instead, you should consider re-engaging your consumers through making them rethink before subscribing. This way, you would increase your email deliverability to your clients.

Plain Text and HTML Text Versions Consistency

Failure to match HTML and plain text versions of your emails might increase the chances of your email being flagged as spam. Therefore, be sure to send HTML and plain text versions. Most of all, none amongst the two is better than the other.

Ensure Effective Communication

Marketing is all about effective communication with your target market. You should try innovative types of content in your marketing emails to help maintain interest among your contacts. Their interests would be high if you provide them with relevant information.  

Your recipients will want more of the information you provide them if they find it helpful. High quality content increases the open and click through rates. Moreover, your deliverability increases.

Sender Authentication

Sender authentication enables you to show your credibility and own the messages you send to your leads. Enabling sender authentication helps improve your reputation. If you would like to start off sender authentication you should follow the following procedure:

  • A corporation that has an email will do implementation of the sender authentication policies
  • The business shall then set up its email servers according to the sender authentication policies
  • Any email server receiving emails for the firm would then check the sender or domain owner’s rules
  • The recipient’s mail server would decide whether an email would be rejected or delivered using these evaluations

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