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The censure of an Arizona state senator has split Arizona Republicans. In a stinging attack, former U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon called for her resignation. Her spokesman didn’t respond to a request for comment. She declined to grant an interview with The Washington Post. But she has stated in the past that she has no regrets about speaking to Fuentes’ group.

Rogers’ campaign was aided by top Republican donors and officials. Ducey publicly supported Rogers before his censure, but he backed off after the vote. Ducey said he needed a majority to govern the state, but said anti-Semitic language has no place in Arizona. He also said that debates should be free from inflammatory language and insulting individuals or groups. The censure of Rogers is a blow to Arizona’s reputation.

The Arizona Senate censured Wendy Rogers after she made inflammatory comments on social media and addressed a white supremacist group. She has said that she does not intend to apologize for her remarks, but she has also called the resolution a “threat” to free speech. The censure was passed by a vote of 24-3, with three senators voting against it and three abstentions.

Sen. Rogers has maintained her innocence, saying she was acting in her constituent’s best interests. But some Arizona senators disagree. A Democratic senator, Raquel Teran, said she believes Rogers should have been expelled instead.

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