Benefit of Crying and How it Can Help Anxiety 

Anxiety is difficult to deal with, but meeting with a Phoenix anxiety therapist can help give you tools to learn how to manage anxiety. In fact, did you know that crying is actually a very beneficial way to help deal with anxiety and also stress? So, it’s ok to let those tears out!

The Benefits of Crying

Yes, it is true, crying does come with many emotional benefits. Everyone experiences it, those times when you feel you just need to cry. That is really your body’s way of telling you it needs to release much-needed stress. This is because crying does, in fact, release stress and unneeded tightness in the body. This is why crying helps the body release any anxiety it is holding on to.

Why does crying do this? The act of crying activates what is called the parasympathetic nervous system and restores the body to a state of natural balance. Of course, this is always the goal of the body. Even though crying seems like an emotional and unsteady thing to do, it actually helps sooth the mind and detox the body. Releasing your emotions by crying does help improve your overall mood and also helps you sleep better. 

Facts of Crying

Studies have shown that women, on average, cry 3.5 times per month, whereas men, on average, cry 1.9 times per month. The act of crying is classified as a soothing impact that helps your body regulate and calm your emotions such as anxiety. Crying can also alert others around you that you may need their support at times. 

Another interesting fact about crying is that it releases chemicals like oxycontin and endorphins to help release pain your body is experiencing and promote a sense of overall well being. 

In the end, these chemicals released by crying help calm and ease anxious feelings, restoring your body to that natural state of calmness and happiness you are yearning for. It may seem like crying is a chaotic act that isn’t beneficial at times, but it is actually very beneficial to your health and can help ease anxiety. 

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