What is a Crypto portfolio tracker and its qualities?

A tool that enables people to track and manage their investments in numerous cryptocurrencies is a crypto portfolio tracker. Typical tracker features include the ability to monitor the performance of a portfolio as a whole as well as individual coins, historical price charts, and real-time price updates. Some cryptocurrency portfolio trackers additionally let users see news and research pertaining to the currencies they are following and create alerts for particular price levels.

These features may also be used to compute profit and loss, create alerts for target price levels, and monitor the success of your portfolio. They may also be used to compare past performance and pricing of various cryptocurrencies. Blockfolio, CoinTracking, and are a few of the well-known cryptocurrency portfolio monitors.

How Crypto portfolio tracker works ?

Typically, using a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker entails the following easy steps:

Open a new account: You must first register in order to utilise a crypto portfolio tracker. Usually, you have to provide your email address and generate a password.

Add your investments: As soon as you create an account, you may add the various cryptocurrencies you currently own. Typically, you must input the coin’s name, how many coins you hold, and the price paid for it. Following the addition of your assets, you may keep an eye on the success of your portfolio in real time. This often entails checking the price of each coin right now as well as your portfolio’s total worth.

Create alerts: The majority of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers let you create alerts for particular price levels. If you want to be informed when a coin hits a specific price or drops below a specific price, this might be useful

Additional features: Some cryptocurrency portfolio trackers may makeeover provide further features like performance analysis and profit or loss calculation. They could also give you news and analysis about the cryptocurrencies you are following.

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Maintain your portfolio current: As you acquire or sell any coin, it’s critical to keep your portfolio current. This will enable you to obtain a precise picture of the performance of your portfolio over time and crypto tax india. It’s crucial to remember that not all cryptocurrency portfolio trackers are created equal and might differ.

Qualities of a Good Tracker?

The following attributes a decent cryptocurrency portfolio tracker should have:

Data that is correct and current: A decent tracker should offer data that is current and accurate on the costs and performance of different cryptocurrencies.

User-friendly interface: The tracker should have a straightforward, intuitive user interface that enables users to add and manage their investments with ease.

Alerts that can be customised: A decent tracker should let users create alerts for particular price levels so they may be informed when a coin hits or drops below a given price.

Compatibility with numerous exchanges: Given that many people keep their assets across many platforms, it should be able to track portfolios from multiple exchanges.

Binocs : Crypto portfolio tracker

In South Africa, Australia, the US, the UK, and India, Binocs complies with tax laws. In addition, BitBNS, India’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, Crypto portfolio tracker and Binocs have formed an exclusive OAuth collaboration.

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