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The inclusion of TCM in ICD-11 is a huge step forward for the practice of TCM. This decision will make it easier to understand the treatment options for patients suffering from various health conditions. In addition, the inclusion of TCM in ICD-11 is an excellent tool for insurers and health care providers. Ryan Abbott, an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles Center for East-West Medicine and a TCM practitioner, believes that this decision is a huge step toward mainstream acceptance and will have a profound impact around the world.

TCM is a powerful healing system. Studies have shown that TCM is an effective treatment for a range of diseases and conditions. Many scientists have studied TCM in China and believe that it can contribute to the discovery of new treatments for otherwise incurable conditions. This article outlines some of the current research. It also lists a list of TCM clinics. For more information on TCM in China, read the full article on a local website or contact a TCM professional.

While TCM is growing in popularity in China, it is still unreliable. The WHO’s decision to include TCM in Chapter 26 of the ICD-10 code is problematic. The ICD-10 standard requires that TCM practitioners follow the international standards for writing scientific papers. While this may be a step in the right direction, it is a major hurdle to achieving the goal of a safe and effective TCM market.

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