The Role Of Minerals And The Liver In Nutrition

Nutrition is the physiological and biochemical process through which an organism utilizes food to sustain its daily life. It comprises absorption, digestion, assimilation, production, catabolism and elimination. Nutrients are substances required for life. There are several categories of nutrients including macronutrients (proteins, vegetables, animal tissues) and trace nutrients (minerals, water, plants).

The nutritional value of a food substance can be directly or indirectly affected by the factors such as the location of the nutrient, time of harvest, the method of preparation (e.g., cooked, raw, fast) and the way it is distributed to the various parts of the body. For example, plant foods contain carbohydrates and proteins that are used by the body for energy production; fats, essential fatty acids and minerals are used by the body for the storage of energy; and vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are used by the human body for the maintenance of health. The food available on the market may be divided into three categories, i.e., carbohydrate rich, protein rich and fat soluble. Carbohydrates are those substances that cannot be digested alone by the enzymes in the body and must be taken together with the vitamins and minerals through the digestive system. Proteins are those substances that are not digested alone but are metabolized, which are mainly used by the body for the synthesis of certain hormones, tissues, enzymes and vitamins.

The majority of people in the Western world have a poor understanding of nutrition. The reason is that the information regarding proper nutrition is difficult to obtain for many people and the prevailing thought is that nutrition is just about buying some food from the supermarket and eating it without analyzing its nutritional content and determining whether it is appropriate for our body. The fact is that nutrition has much more to do with our lifestyle than purchasing some food from the market. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy and well-balanced life, you need to pay attention to what you eat. It is very important to include vitamins and minerals in your diet so that your body is able to assimilate them properly and use them to function normally.

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