The Meaning of the Environment

The environment refers to everything that exists under the sun or universe and is not created by humans. In this case the word is mostly used to describe the entire Earth or at least parts of the Earth. The environment is made up of living organisms and all these living things can be classified into two types which are plants and animals. This definition includes all creatures living in the earth including bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, etc.

The biosphere is one of the first forms of life on the earth. Other important ecosystems include the biogeographic systems, ecocycles and physiopaths. All these ecosystems play a very crucial role in the earths environment and their stability. The ecocycles are the systems that link all the ecosystems together and they also determine the longevity of those ecosystems. These systems are essential to maintain the health and well being of the living organisms that are present in these ecosystems.

The physiopathology is another interesting aspect of the environment. This aspect focuses on how living entities affect each other within an ecosystem. It also looks at how humans, animals and plants interact with each other within the ecosystem. The ecosystem theories are complex and it is difficult to elaborate them in a simple way but they are the best that we have today as far as ecosystem are concerned.

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