The benefits of hot and cold showers

Because of the hot weather of Thailand Make bathing a daily routine that needs to be done at least twice a day. Some people like to take a cold shower. Each person has different preferences. So, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits of hot and cold showers that you might not have known before.

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warm shower

How hot is it? But many people like to take a warm bath. because it makes me feel relaxed. Taking a longer shower Cleans the body for a longer time and “A warm shower opens up more pores than a cold shower,” so it can wash away dirt better.

The advantages of taking a warm bath

– Helps reduce accumulated stress during the day as well

– Relax muscles after taking a shower

– Warm baths for women before or during menstruation Helps the blood circulation system better. Reduce abdominal spasm and reduce abdominal pain

– Reduce swelling of the body in various parts caused by hormonal changes

– Make it easier to sleep. A warm bath stimulates blood flow. Causing relaxation. In addition, warm water helps to adjust body temperature. make me feel comfortable thus helping to sleep better.

However, taking a warm shower can help you feel more relaxed. But taking a warm bath every day will cause the skin to lose moisture and dryness, so it is not recommended to take a warm shower after playing sports. Because warm water causes the body to lose more water. until feeling more exhausted than before

cold shower

Normal water temperature or relatively cold water It will help to revitalize after showering better than taking a warm shower. But for those who have never used it It may make taking a cold shower difficult and taking a quicker shower. therefore may not clean the body thoroughly

The advantages of taking a cold shower

– Makes the body feel refreshed animated

– Helps to have a good mood. The body wakes up quickly after waking up.

– Helps burn fat accumulated in the body

– Strengthen the immune system for the body.

– Makes the skin look smooth and full of water all the time

Although taking a cold shower is beneficial for skin and emotional health, taking a cold shower in a debilitated state or in extreme cold. It may not have a good result. because it will cause an abnormal circulatory system body temperature drops rapidly Until the shock is unconscious.

Shower cream that makes the body smell fresh.

Fragrant scent is another way to enhance your charm and attract the attention of people around you. But to smell good is not just spraying perfume. But I can start from the bathing process. By choosing a shower cream that smells good on the skin itself.

1. Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel from Bath & Body Works

A shower gel infused with the sweet scent of vanilla and flowers. Top notes are vanilla, followed by white orchid, sugar, jasmine, sandalwood, aloe vera and vitamin E combined with shea butter. Helps nourish the skin to be moist and pleasant to the touch

2. Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash from Lux

The famous shower cream from the brand Lux. For this model, there are many scents to choose from. But it stands out: Purple Magical Spell. Top notes are Peach, Red Raisin and Kumquat Peel. It’s a sweet, sexy little scent that lasts up to 8 hours.

3. Fresh & Foamy Sugar Crush Body Wash from Soap and Glory

2in1 foaming shower cream that can be used as both a soap and a bubble bath

4. Beauty Blooming Violet Shower Cream from Oriental Princess

Shower cream with a fresh scent from Nanapan flowers. Combines the nourishment of natural extracts, including Cherry Extract, which is rich in vitamin C. For soft and smooth skin, Vitamin E nourishes the skin to be moisturized. With antioxidants, revealing beautiful, radiant skin than ever

5. Cellulite Protection Shower Cream from Benice

Another brand that gives a fresh scent to the skin with this shower cream from Benice. This formula is a fruity, fresh scent enriched with natural fruit extracts with vitamin C and antioxidants. Blended with coffee bean extract Helps skin become softer, more bouncy and firm

6. Energizing Bath & Shower Gel from Yves Rocher

A shower cream enriched with 98% natural ingredients with the fresh scent of raspberry and peppermint. Help clean the body thoroughly. ready to give freshness And relax the skin. Free of Alcohol Ethoxy, Mineral Oil and Paraben Preservatives. So it doesn’t make your skin dry and tight after showering.

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