How to Choose an Exercise Program For Teens

Exercise is a combination of two words, exercise and activity. Exercise refers to any physical activity that improves or supports general health and well being and physical fitness. It involves the systematic application of muscle forces through various joint and bones structures in order to achieve physiological, psychological or social objectives. Exercise can be a low intensity one-time experience or it can involve certain repeated movements over a long period of time.

There are a number of health benefits that come from regular exercise and many adolescents find that they benefit from a more active lifestyle. Exercise lowers blood pressure, reduces stress levels, improves circulation, and helps you feel great about yourself. Exercise also makes your lungs function better and has the added benefit of improving your posture as well as helping to improve your coordination. Many medical conditions are less likely to develop or progress if a teenager exercises regularly. There are even certain medical conditions and disorders that are less likely to develop or progress in adolescents if they participate in a regular exercise program.

Exercise programs for teens include everything from walking, jogging, swimming, biking, stair climbing, aerobics, and yoga to name a few. The type of exercise program that you choose should include exercises that have the same intensity as you wish to attain. If you are not very determined about the intensity, you may want to start out with a much lower intensity level. You will gradually increase the intensity as you see your body’s cardio vascular system and heart rate increasing naturally.

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