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Google Site: Arts and Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a free social media platform of high resolution, low-quality images and video of contemporary arts and culture from partner non-profit cultural organizations across the globe. The platform has recently been launched by Google to help users discover, research, and connect on diverse areas of interest such as art, visual culture, and culture. By using this Google-powered service, the user can upload their favorite photos and find visual cultural stories from around the world via their search results. Artists and curators can showcase their works for public viewing with the help of artistic license or credited sources. Users can also search for specific art genres such as contemporary art, performance art, and fine arts, and find images related to each category on the Arts and Culture page of Google. The global organization supports projects that enhance social awareness on issues related to art and culture by creating a forum for artists, curators, museums, galleries, and designers to exchange information and ideas.

Based on the premise that culture affects our lives in different ways, Google launched this site as a means of connecting people who share a common love of art and culture. The focus is on showcasing the work of globally renowned artists from different parts of the world. Artists include well-known artists such as Willborne, Mark Few, Tom Taylor, and Cindy Crawford. This is another innovative way of supporting talented artists and curators from all over the world, thereby spreading the reach of their work. In addition, this innovative website makes it possible for people to purchase the works of eligible artists online. Users can buy art online without traveling to the artist’s or gallery’s location.

Google aims at providing its services to make the world a more colorful place where people can come to enjoy their favorite hobbies and pastimes, and also make friends around the world. By using Google’s Arts & Culture services, one can make his/her hobby or passion a little more interesting. As an added advantage, users can invite friends to see the latest works of their favorite artists. By subscribing to Arts subscriptions, the user will be able to browse a list of relevant websites that display the most outstanding works from across the globe. A subscription to any of the arts and culture subscriptions offered by Google will enable one to have access to a host of information, including online galleries, which will further help them in exploring the wonders of art.

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