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The first step in admission to a top tier B school is a great GMAT score. However, the GMAT, as is every other competitive exam, is surrounded by a galaxy of prep tools that each proclaim their usefulness. Obviously, not all these proclamations are true and the degree of effort involved in GMAT prep makes it necessary that one choose help wisely. One needs to verify such tool’s utility, and see if they are truly as effective as is Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program. Started by Mr. Mayank Srivastava in 2008, the company leads in the GMAT prep domain, presenting a prep program with highlights galore.

 GMAT-like, All The Way

Experts’ Global’s GMAT Prep is set apart by how closely it reproduces the GMAT. Every single one of Experts’ Global’s several thousand questions has a structure like that on the GMAT, with a testing screen that also resembles the GMAT’s. The screen’s full-screen layout, controls, and graphics are identical to the GMAT software’s. While this may seem mundane, it is quite beneficial as it makes students comfortable with the real GMAT set up well in advance. Further, Experts’ Global’s scoring algorithm closely matches that of the GMAT. Over 500 students have testified to this achievement in reporting that their Experts’ Global mock scores match up with their GMAT prep mock scores.

Numerous and High-Quality Mock Tests

The sheer scale of Experts’ Global’s mock test series is revealed by its 15, full-length GMAT mock tests. The firm’s GMAT mock test approach places emphasis on regular preparation, and consequent increases in one’s mental fortitude and awareness of the most personally suitable test-taking methods.

Video Lectures

Experts’ Global’s GMAT instruction is driven by video lectures. The company has divided the GMAT syllabus divided into 100 modules, with each accompanied by a relevant explanatory video. Each video tackles a single concept, enhancing clarity of understanding. However, the videos abound with detail and fully explain their concerned concepts. Experts’ Global audiovisual methodology distinguishes it. The firm also provides explanation videos for each question in their practice exercises and mock tests to help students quickly improve their accuracy and speed

Performance Analysis

Experts’ Global’s performance analytics provides students with an overview of their section-wise and holistic performance after each mock test they complete. The analytics also keep track of the students’ speed in different question types. By collating the metrics regarding the students’ performances on their most recent several mock test attempts, the analytics help students understand where room for improvement exists. A true USP, the analytics help students be the best GMAT takers they can be through exhaustive and speedy performance openculture.

Additional USPs

Experts’ Global’s program also brings many more highly useful features to the table. For example, the software’s “sticky notes”, tiny colored pop-up note-taking areas, are essential in noting down ideas while studying or test-taking and then saving them on a convenient “wall”. Keeping all of one’s notes together makes one’s prep so much more effective. The “flag button” is yet another useful feature that allows one to mark questions that can later be easily retrieved by the program. In this way, a learner can revisit particular questions and analyze them lengthily whenever needed, saving one much time in manually hunting for a particular question amidst the program. The effort and convenience presented by these features in totality can make a significant improvement to one’s GMAT prep.

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program, with its truly exhaustive question base, concept scope, and meticulously researched approach, is a program that followed closely is certain to empower GMAT citizennews

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