Education In The Social Sciences

Education is the process of helping people, individually and collectively, acquire knowledge, skills, abilities, values, attitudes, customs, and personal growth. Educational systems typically include training, teaching, learning by experience and applied research. Education also includes various modes of communication used to facilitate education, including oral communication (teaching), visual communication (exercising), recorded speech (listening) and written communication (giving instructions). Some types of education are structured, others are self-directed. The objective of education is to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for future life experiences.

Education in the United States has a long history, with the proliferation of formal education from the start of the nation. An example of an early form of formal education is the Schooling Of Little Children, a British system that developed in the 18th century. Other early forms of formal education were the training of military personnel during the colonial period and the training of apprentice workers in the New World. The first publicly funded educational system, the North Carolina School For the Instruction of Fee Established Children, was established in the 1800s. Later that century, the Federal government began providing support for the states’ efforts to establish higher education.

The advances in modern society have had a profound impact on the way people experience education. One such influence is the increasing complexity of the social structure. People now tend to participate in complex interactions through informal and formal means. The expansion of social networks and the increasing complexity of interpersonal relationships have contributed to the increased desire for social interaction that goes beyond the traditional classroom. In addition, people are now increasingly self-sufficient and have a need for instruction, guidance and practice in their particular fields of interest. This increased need for education and the increased complexity of social interactions have both led to developments in traditional education and in the social sciences that are now being referred to as psychology.

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