Camping with Kids: What to Pack

As the summer wraps up, you might be eyeing your summer bucket list and wondering where the time went. But don’t worry — there’s still time to get that family camping trip in.

A camping trip can take many forms, from traditional tent camping at the campground of a state or national park to RV camping for the weekend. Whether your family enjoys roughing it or bringing a nice bed to sleep in, when kids come along, it’s important to pack for a safe and fun adventure.

Camping with kids? You don’t want to forget these important items!

First Aid and Safety Equipment

Kids are fun and a bit wild — and sometimes fearless. That means they’re more likely to get hurt than adults, although injuries can happen to anyone.

Pack a simple first aid kit so that you can put band-aids on scrapes. Also, think about hiking and how to keep your kids safe, from having backpacks with safety leashes for toddlers to having high-visibility vests for older kids. That way, no one will get lost, and it will be easy to see everyone.

You should also think about safety for the trip. Bring extra water and blankets in case the car breaks down, and make sure you have everything you need to change a tire or jump the battery. Also, make sure your car insurance has emergency roadside service included. Not sure about your insurance? It’s a good idea to talk to a licensed agent, like the professionals at Freeway Car Insurance. They can make sure you have the coverage you need and may even be able to save you money.

Food and Beverages

A big part of the fun of camping is cooking over a campfire and enjoying smores and other treats. You’ll want to plan a menu for each day you’ll be there and ensure you pack the food and drinks you need.

Sometimes kids are picky, so consider keeping it simple with hot dogs, hamburgers, and other family-friendly food. Water, juice, and adult beverages can also be an important part of enjoying your camping trip.

Trash Bags & Other Essentials

Some of the things that are most important are easiest to forget. Bring trash bags so you can leave your campsite clean and fresh. Also, remember bug spray, sunscreen, and lanterns. You don’t want mosquitos, sunburns, or getting lost at night to ruin your camping trip!

You can also bring toilet paper, wet wipes, and other personal care items to keep everyone clean and comfortable. You might also bring entertainment for the kids during downtime, like coloring books, novels, and other toys.

When you remember the essentials, you’re sure to have a great time!

Enjoy Your Family Camping Trip!

Going camping with family is a great way to create lasting memories, have fun, and enjoy an unplugged weekend outdoors. When you plan carefully, you won’t forget anything essential. And if you do — there’s probably a gas station nearby, so all is not lost.

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