Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Renters in 2022

Chicago may not be your first thought when considering where to move: but it should be a spot you consider moving to soon!  Not only are there fantastic options for single professionals moving into the city, but there are also many choices for families moving into apartments!

These are the best neighborhoods in Chicago, and why you should rent here soon!

Why Rent in Chicago?

If you want to live in a walkable and entertainment-filled city: it’s time to move to Chicago.  From the affordable entertainment and cultural activities to the fantastic food and beautiful views, you’ll never run out of things to do and see while you’re in the city.

This is also an incredibly diverse city, which means there’s more creativity and a better flow between communities that are more evenly represented.

Although any city is expensive, Chicago apartments for rent are far more affordable than many other major cities and offer the opportunity to enjoy city living without having to break the bank in the way you would in NYC or Seattle.  This is a city anyone should consider!

West Loop

West Loop’s redevelopment has been a point of pride for much of the city.  A central neighborhood with just under 60 apartment buildings and nearly 10,000 apartments that call it home- this is an up-and-coming area full of vibrant bars and art galleries.  Many big-tech employers ensure that you can make a living doing interesting work while being able to afford the $2,300 a month apartments.

South Loop

Home to nearly 90 large apartment buildings and 15,000 apartments in these buildings, you’ll love to join the 54% of the South Loop community who rents here!  Apartments are comfortable at 818 square feet and offer great views of green areas like Grant Park.

This is an awesome place to live for younger professionals and has a median age of 33 because of it.  Although it’s expensive, at just over $2,000 a month, it’s affordable for the size of the apartments!

Lincoln Park

With 67 large apartment buildings and over five thousand apartments available in large buildings: Lincoln Park can be an awesome place to live!  The average rent sits just under two thousand dollars a month, and currently, 43% of residents in this area are renters.  Although the apartments are smaller, at an average of 650 square feet, there’s enough shopping and entertainment in this area to ensure you never feel like you’re stuck inside!  This is a great space for families and young couples who want to start a family!

What to Look Out For

When apartment hunting, it’s vital that you’re careful and make the right choices.  Don’t fall for common rental scams, like individuals posing as a company to try to rent out a property they don’t own.  This has been popular in many major cities and will see you lose a few months of rent money without gaining a place to live.  Go through verified sources and be careful when renting.

You Deserve the Best Apartment Possible!

Whether you’re looking for your first rental or you’re just moving to Chicago for a life change, this city has something for everyone.  Find an apartment that speaks to your needs!

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