Musicians to Consider for Your Wedding

Music is a large part of how we experience the world and offers the chance to inspire stronger memories of things like weddings without us even realizing it.  If you’re planning your wedding and want to make sure it’s an event everyone will cherish the memories of, you must hire musical talent that will take it to the next level.

These are the top types of musicians to consider hiring for your wedding and what they can bring to the table.

Cover Bands

If you want a specific sound but you can’t afford to hire the original band: a cover band can be a dream come true.  Cover bands copy the sound, and sometimes even the look, of popular bands and bring their sound to the main stage.  This allows you to have groups like The Beatles at your wedding without having to worry about the dead members or the incredible cost it would take to hire the living members.  This is an awesome way to add fun and excitement to your wedding and ensure it’s a night nobody forgets.

Gorgeous String Quartets

There’s nothing like a string quartet to boost the mood and vibes of any event.  From their skilled fingers plucking away tons of musical notes and skilled tunes to the amazing way they can turn even modern music into pieces that sound like they were pulled from the 1700s, a string quartet can elevate any event.

Saxophone Players

The saxophone has been known as one of the most sensual and incredible musical instruments since it was first invented.  Because of its unique and loud sound and the huge variance of music you can get out of a skilled player, having saxophone players at your wedding can wow a crowd and leave them remembering this event with fondness and excitement.  You can hire any kind of saxophonist you want, and they can play nearly any style of music that inspires you.

Solo Singers

Hiring a solo singer can make your wedding feel like a high-class event quickly, depending on the type of music they sing.  Although some come with musicians to accompany them, others play instruments like a piano while they sing, which can make them even more impressive.  Look for someone with a catalog of songs that interest you and a voice that leaves you excited to get married and start your new life with your partner.

Disc Jockeys

DJs are a type of musician that’s fallen out of popularity recently: but don’t let this talk you out of hiring one!  Not only are they amazing at pumping up a crowd and getting it into motion, but they’re also great because they’re not limited by one sound or instrument.  If you want to take your party onto the dance floor and inspire your wedding to feel like a dance club, it’s time to hire a DJ.

Your Wedding Should Be the Event of a Lifetime

Your wedding is a celebration of the relationship you and your partner have built together.  When planning this event: make sure you make the most incredible event possible!

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